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89 | Bart Hansen - Maturing Adventure [Explicit]

“If your life with God doesn’t have a regular dose of adventure,” Padre says, “It’s not going to sustain the masculine soul.”

That’s all well and good, but what if you live in the city? What if you have young kids? What if any one of a hundred what-ifs make adventure difficult? To answer that question, we snagged Bart Hansen, of the Ransomed Heart team. Bart has built rockets, parasails, and airplanes, flown all over the west, and done some of the craziest things we’ve ever heard. But it turns out none of those things define his life of adventure. Nope. Instead, Bart uses three categories to explore adventure as it relates to the life of the heart: Casual, Crucial and Epic Adventure.

Casual adventures are everyday outings. Crucial adventures involve the maturation of the soul. Epic adventures hinge upon the risk of love.

It turns out we need all three. From swim training in a snow storm to pursuing irritating neighbors to loving the woman in your life, this is an episode everyone needs.

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