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85 | Dating; Our Stories not Our Posture

Sam, Blaine, and Luke sit down to tell some stories from their experiences in dating from high school, into college, and eventually into marriage. This is not meant to be the official posture of And Sons on dating, but a round table where other's stories and experiences can help by way of understanding our own stories. What are the messages your story with dating is telling you, and what are the agreements you might be making over your future?

The reference for the purity movement mentioned in the episode is from a lecture at Fuller, but the source is work by Dr .Tina Schermer Sellers. Her book is "Sex, God, and the Conservative Church". Some of the research in that book is good but we mention it with a grain of salt, since Dr. Sellers isn't a Christian (that we know of) and doesn't like Christian sexual ethics. Helpful as a guide to some of the impacts of Christian purity culture, not really helpful when it comes to recommending alternatives.

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