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82 | Work Life Play - The Creative Habits of And Sons

In this episode, we flip the script. Aaron McHugh, of Work Life Play, interviews the And Sons team (Sam and Blaine) to talk about creative work. How does And Sons keep moving dreams down the field and projects out the door? In brief, years of trial and error. But there’s more to it than that. From the personal challenges of work to basic creative habits, this is an episode on how to ship. Here’ the copy from Work Life Play:

Today’s interview is with Blaine and Sam Eldredge with And Son’s Magazine. We talk about their eight-year dream of creating a print magazine, the power of transformation v.s. entertainment, masculinity as a lens by which we can view everything else, in defense of millennials, the joy of words, vulnerability and going first, the temptation to quit, brotherhood and hearing God’s voice.

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