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110 | How Writers Make Writing

It's said painters like painting, and writers like having written. That tends to be true. From Zadie Smith to Flannery O'Connor, Steven Pressfield to John Gardner, Annie Dillard et alia, writers know the writing life is difficult.

And, it can be broken down into actionable steps. Steps writers have used for centuries to get work done. In this episode we talk those steps: being a student of language, loving your medium, overcoming distraction, subduing your own fractious mind, building a process, surrendering the outcome. Quote from Suzanne Buffam.

Mentioned in the podcast:

Annie Dillard: The Writing Life
Flannery O’Connor: Mystery and Manners
Steven Pressfield: The War of Art

Neil Gaiman - The Interview I’ve Waited 20 Years to Do (The Tim Ferriss Show #366)
Zadie Smith - How to Be Free (Touré Show)

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