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The And Sons Staff

Luke Skywalker. 

The Colt Revolver.

The Miracle on Ice. 

They all started with a dream. And then they took a journey. For six(ish) years we’ve published online, made films, produced a podcast, all with one goal: to show, in example after example, the development of the young man's soul. 

This year, we’ve hit turning point. We can make a hard copy magazine. We can move away from digital spaces (you know how we feel about those) and send something real, substantive, and bona fide physical right to your world. You can read And Sons Magazine, even when the power goes off. 

To become a print subscriber, follow this link. Over the next couple weeks, And Sons as you’ve known it will disappear. And Sons Magazine will be the print magazine page. We’ll still have a journal (aka blog) with an occasional online article. We’ll still produce a weekly podcast. And we’ll still make films. But the heart of the journey is changing. 

We’re making it, like, crazy affordable. 30 bucks a year for US subscribers, 45 for you international folks (De nada). 

Subscribe, and you get Vol. 1 right away. In 2019, you’ll get Volumes 2 &3 (Spring and Fall). We’re starting at 2 volumes a year and seeing where things go from there. 

Thanks for being a part of the journey. This is our way of doubling down on our tribe. Look forward to taking this next step with you. 

Here's that link again.