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Announcing the Print



Sam Eldredge

This is something we’ve been dreaming of for years, and to be here is an incredible feeling. When Padre, Luke, Blaine, and I sat in the family garage around a space heater to smoke a cigar one Thanksgiving, we talked about this, about a magazine that was beautiful, that could hold its own on your coffee table and grab your attention, that would be full of meaningful articles with a Kingdom voice that invited young men in. It was just an idea then, one that seemed far from possible.

Over the last few years, we’ve been building what has become And Sons. First and foremost, as a free online magazine that disregarded the way the internet was handling content. Everywhere print publications were dying, and online publications were jockeying for subscribers. Those that weren’t started posting short-form “listacles” with lots of photos and quizzes to find out what your spirit animal was. (For the record, I think mine was a woolly mammoth.)

We have strived to bring meaningful content into your world. Content that would resonate, even if your context was different. It seemed that the next thing we knew, we were working on films with the same aspirations, and then, most recently, a podcast. There have been lots of opportunities to try conventional marketing strategies, and we’ve done some of them, but we’ve also found that it’s best to stay where the favor is. And by that I mean stay where Jesus has called us to stay, or go where he calls us to go.

Well, now he has called us back to the print, after we assumed it was just a dream meant to be fulfilled in other ways. And we are stoked.

This, our inaugural volume, is a compilation of many of what we feel are the best articles from the online magazine, with new content written specifically for this print edition. The print is meant to be something that lives in your office, in your dorm room, on your coffee table, or in your backpack. It’s meant to be something you can give to the people in your life when “you should check out this website” just doesn’t do the trick.

It’s meant to be a tool you can use to give to the people in your world, or for you to read through, slowly (we know extended reading on screens can be a drag for some folks). We have strived to create something beautiful, substantial, and consistent with everything else we produce. We are incredibly proud of this project, and we can’t wait for you to hold one in your hands.

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