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Truthfully, the story of the issue is to be found in the article "A Strategic Move". Why we are going quarterly, what new projects we are working on, where we have been... all given the time they are due as a full fledged article. We felt that it needed that much explanation, and really it probably needed more. We don't see this as us backing off on the throttle, slowly easing our way to a standstill before we eventually loose balance and topple over. If anything, we are adding more to our plate and our repertoire. All while trying to balance joy and rest and mission. Sounds like a lot? Life with the Wild Goose often does.

Contributors: Blaine Eldredge - writer and design editor, John Eldredge (Padre) - writer and content editor, Sam Eldredge - writer and managing editor, Karen Christakis - copy edits, Back Office Thinking - web development, Justin Lukasavige - Social Media