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It's the holiday season, and I'd bet that ours was probably somewhat as full as yours. We enjoyed wine, night sledding, and being together as a family that finds itself less spread apart than other years. In the midst of this, tragedy struck our little town, as it continues to do across the world. We find ourselves reduced to three words: Jesus, come back. In the words of the ever quotable G. K. Chesterton: 

"All this indescribable thing that we call the Christmas atmosphere only bangs in the air as something like a lingering fragrance or fading vapor from the exultant, explosion of that one hour in the Judean hills nearly two thousand years ago. But the savor is still unmistakable, and it is something too subtle or too solitary to be covered by our use of the word peace. By the very nature of the story the rejoicings in the cavern were rejoicings in a fortress or an outlaws den; properly understood it' is not unduly flippant to say they were rejoicing in a dug-out."

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