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Time for a little honesty: much of this issue was written, edited, and compiled in airports. It's been a busy month... and by busy we mean flights to Canada to record television shows to promote Killing Lions, flights to Washington and Minnesota and Colorado to visit family (even before the season of airports jammed with people doing the same thing), and now, hours before we hope to go live I have yet to pack my bag for my flight today to join the men in the wilderness of the Rockies.

It seems that the method of turning in papers and assigments right before the deadline is a habit that once built, follows you into your adult life.

But then, meditating on the articles of this issue - the outdoors and Jesus and family and exploring cities - it's not a bad way to spend your time, whether you're waiting to board a plane or not.


Contributors: Matthew Bennett - photography, Keaton Hudson - photography, Eric Figge - photography, Eye of Rie - photography, Corey Zalewski - photography, Craig McConnell - writing, Ben Wolf - copy edits & writing, Back Office Thinking - web development