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I've always felt that there was an energy to fall, something in the air makes my step quicken and move with purpose. Maybe it's the falling temperature or the instinct to bring in the harvest like my ancestors long buried. Autumn is one of those seasons that really feels like a change, depending on where you live I suppose... school starts up again, leaves change color and cover the ground, the weather doesn't even pretend to be summer anymore...

There are rumors that this winter will be even colder than last year. I don't want to go there yet.

The harvest season is short, sensory, and filling. In this, our October issue, we donned our gloves and cider-spiced drinks, some of us put on the tree-patterned pants and carried sharp arrows into the woods while others sat down to conversations about meaning. This is our harvest that we have brought in for you. We hope you will enjoy and that your own season is full of hearty pursuits.

Contributors: Melissa Hesse - photography, Morgan Snyder - writing, Ben Wolf - copy edits, Back Office Thinking - web development