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Here's our beef with most adventure videos: epic photography, phenomenal action... and utterly mindless content. ("Dude - you look so rad! Let's do it again wearing a bear suit!")

We wanted to offer something more.

So back in March, seven of us undertook a film project in the Utah deserts. Rock climbing, camping, mountain biking the legendary White Rim trail, canyoneering... but more importantly having conversations on the deepest issues men face. It turned out to be the most epic adventure trip we've ever enjoyed/suffered/fought our way through. And the films coming out of it are really, really good. Gorgeous, and substantive too. Hope you love 'em!

Contributers: Melissa Hesse - photography, Cody Howell - photography, Keaton Hudson - photography, Rielynn Simons - photography, Mark Skovorodko - photography, Ben Wolf - copy edits, Back Office Thinking - web development