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The May issue caught us a little off guard. We were so excited about getting issue 01 up in April (our inaugural issue - make sure you check it out, too!). Then the joy of all of your wonderful feedback and the Facebook conversation and suddenly we are two weeks out from May. Several Skype calls ensued, with innumerable emails sprinkled in (we are building this from Colorado, Minnesota and Washington as only the Internet allows one to do; oh, for the days of the shared shop and forge). A few Hail Mary's and here we are. Such is the adventure of a new endeavor like this one. Hope you love the issue! And do tell your mates - we need your help to spread the joy!
Contributors: Jordan Gill - photography, Lauren Hammerstrom - photography, Eli Pyke - photography, Rielynn Simons - photography, Mark Skovorodko - photography, Ben Wolf - copy edits, Back Office Thinking - web development