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The story of this issue – our inaugural issue – goes back more than a year to Christmastime 2012. We had all gathered at our family home in Colorado, and one snowy evening as we sat around smoking cigars in my dad’s office, the concept of this magazine was born. We are all three English majors, all three writers, and we had a vision – to invite guys to join us in looking for an authentic masculinity as it expresses itself in this messed-up world. Every site for men we found online either missed something or was filled with BS – over-the-top adventure videos or veiled commercials for the latest razor. Where’s the real deal? Who is tackling manhood with honesty and a genuine spirituality? Our conversation that night had the tang of revolution – like the French Resistance, huddled around the wireless in a basement in Paris circa 1944. Anyhow, here's our first pass - hope you love it!

Contributors: Matt Bennett - photography, Jordan Gill - photography, Melissa Hesse - photography, Cody Howell - photography, Keaton Hudson - photography, Mike Lundeen - photography, Eli Pyke - photography, Ben Wolf - copy edits, Corey Zalewski - photography, Back Office Thinking - web development